Our Story

LEL Nuclear found its inception in 2016 under the visionary guidance of director Nick Robinson. In those early days, the company consisted of a modest team of two individuals. Their specialized focus lay inspecting and repairing lifting equipment, showcasing a remarkable proficiency in this niche sector.

However, as time progressed, so did LEL Nuclear’s aspirations and accomplishments. In 2018, the enterprise embarked on a journey of expansion, broadening both its team and its capabilities. The focal point of this expansion revolved around the realm of mechanical and electrical engineering. This strategic shift culminated in the completion of their first major project on site at Sellafield Ltd. The BEPPS DIFF

A pivotal juncture for LEL Nuclear occurred in 2018 when they were entrusted with the comprehensive restoration of a substantial 300-tonne vault radiological shield door. This monumental task served as a testament to LEL Nuclear’s growing prowess and proficiency in intricate engineering undertakings.

Notably, LEL Nuclear’s growth was marked by a succession of intricate installations. Their portfolio included an array of complex systems such as seismic restraints, door drives, air skates, recovery systems, and pressurized installations, among others. This diverse array of projects showcased their versatility and adaptability in handling multifaceted engineering challenges.

Following the BEPPS DIF initiative, LEL Nuclear has secured numerous additional contracts at Sellafield, including the installation of new security gates at both the North and Main entrances of the nuclear facility. These achievements have been accomplished while collaborating with prestigious clients like Morgan Sindall.

As we expanded our capabilities, LEL Nuclear has transformed into a multifaceted, rapidly growing, well-established, and award-winning mechanical engineering company. Our primary focus lies in the installation and commissioning of various HAVAC M&E mechanical equipment, serving industries such as nuclear, power generation, paper manufacturing, water treatment, and petrochemicals.

Over the past two years, our company has more than doubled in size. In 2020, we had only nine employees, but we’ve since taken steps to support our local community by offering employment opportunities and training programs, ensuring the sustainability of our highly skilled teams. LEL Nuclear is unwavering in its commitment to local support, demonstrated through sponsorships, including backing ex-military personnel via the Armed Forces Covenant, direct employment, financial assistance for local accommodations, and support for various organizations.

The years 2022 and 2023 mark a pivotal point in LEL Nuclear’s journey. During this period, the company experienced exponential growth in both team size and the magnitude of its operations. This expansion phase allowed LEL Nuclear to take on more complex and substantial contracts, particularly in partnership with Sellafield Ltd and its affiliates. These contracts not only showcased LEL Nuclear’s maturing capabilities but also solidified its reputation as a trusted partner in tackling intricate engineering projects.

In summary, LEL Nuclear’s evolution from its inception in 2016 to its present state in 2023 is a testament to continuous growth and adaptability. What began as a small team specializing in lifting equipment inspections and repairs has evolved into a thriving entity proficient in mechanical engineering, undertaking remarkable projects, and establishing a prominent presence in the realm of complex engineering endeavours.