Apprenticeships & Training

Since our establishment in 2016, LEL Nuclear has remained committed to enhancing the capabilities of our staff by providing an extensive array of training courses and development opportunities. This dedication fosters a productive and efficient environment for nurturing talent and cultivating a motivated, skilled, and certified workforce.

In response to our remarkable growth over the past few years, LEL Nuclear has welcomed three apprentices into our ranks, aiming to provide them with a strong foundation in their chosen engineering field. We are dedicated to offering unwavering support and additional training to ensure their successful start and growth in the industry.

Simon Matthews, our Head of Operations, emphasizes the pivotal role apprenticeships play in our future growth plans as a company. “Our workload has seen significant expansion over the past year,” Simon notes, “particularly with our substantial projects at Sellafield. We anticipate this growth to persist in the years ahead, and we view apprenticeships as a key strategy for attracting and retaining a skilled and dedicated workforce.”

Simon further emphasizes the importance of apprenticeships in light of the imminent retirement of many industry professionals. He states, “These apprentices represent our future. They work closely with experienced mentors daily, learning the ropes and efficiently completing tasks. They are all performing admirably, demonstrating bright prospects. Following their qualifications, they will have access to further courses, and we hope to see them progress within our company.”

LEL Apprenticeships and Training

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  • Mechanical Fitters

  • Riggers

  • HVAC

  • Project Support

  • Business Admin